How do you get rid of bees?

Honey bees are vital to the fertilization of our orchards and crops. Be glad when you see the bee boxes in fields! Be glad for beekeepers. There is a beekeeper at a farm less than a mile from us, as the crow flies. I buy their honey from time to time and it is very . . . → Read More: How do you get rid of bees?

B’Dog Part II – More Times in The Life Of

Brandy continued to grow and blossom. She had an incredible coat…very shiny…like a seal. She also had these wonderful feathers on the back of her haunches. I had never seen such on Labs before but research told me that Brandy’s feathers were a throw back to the Labrador of yesteryear. In any case, I loved . . . → Read More: B’Dog Part II – More Times in The Life Of


My very first post was a tribute to my Molly. It is important to pay tribute to my Brandy, as well.

Brandy is one of those friends where both of your souls are connected for eternity.

Bob and I are a blended family and that included pets. The dog he brought to the family . . . → Read More: B’Dog

Magic is Not Lost Afterall!

Every time I say whoever is gone and gone for good – having not seen them for such a long time – they show up! A few evenings ago Bob was doing the horses’ water early and was at Irish’s pasture when he called to me. When I got out there her pointed to the . . . → Read More: Magic is Not Lost Afterall!


What is that? That is the morse code going out through the neighborhood from “my” feral cats….to all the other feral cats….that Keller Farms is a good place for fine dining…..

There is a beautiful black cat, semi-long haired, very thick coat and a totally different physique from Magic who has been coming here for . . . → Read More: Dit-Dot-Dit-Dit-Dot-Dit-Dit…

Feral Kittens – Mommies are Gone

Sweetie Pie and her two kittens left for awhile. Sweetie Pie stayed gone then Lucy showed up then she was gone. Then Cassie showed up then was gone. Now both Lucy and Cassie are here but Sweetie Pie is “nesting” somewhere else…comes some evenings sort of late and I feed her when I see her . . . → Read More: Feral Kittens – Mommies are Gone

Whoa! Was that a Mongoose? More of Yesteryear Animules.

I bought one of those hard-plastic kiddies pool for the duckies at the stables. You know the type. I placed it up near my horse’s stall in the shade where I had good access to a hose bib. I kept it clean (appreciated by humans!) and full (appreciated by the ducks!). The ducks used it . . . → Read More: Whoa! Was that a Mongoose? More of Yesteryear Animules.