Feral Kittens – Mommies are Gone

Sweetie Pie and her two kittens left for awhile. Sweetie Pie stayed gone then Lucy showed up then she was gone.  Then Cassie showed up then was gone. Now both Lucy and Cassie are here but Sweetie Pie is “nesting” somewhere else…comes some evenings sort of late and I feed her when I see her – two cans of food, thank you very much! Magic, on the other hand, has not been seen.  I fear the worst as she always came for dinner all that time she didn’t live here.

Cassey – Charlotte – Magic – Sweetie Pie – Lucy

Meanwhile, Magic’s kittens are doing well. I’ve confirmed that Charlotte is named appropriately. I may have gotten the two striped ones mixed up – or both are males. Not sure. Rocky is braver and plays around while I am there now but I can’t get a “read” on his (or her) “disposition” yet.  Stephen and Charlotte are letting me love them more and more – especially Charlotte. She has the silkiest coat! Bear is still a pistol and is getting to let me pet him when I am standing up.  That is a big deal for a tiny kitten!

Their big adventure is to go up on the foaling barn roof via the 16′ fence board that is leaning up against the main barn.

It is so funny to watch them come down! The kittens are only front wheel drive so their backsides come down faster than the braked front. The other day, Pete was coming down and his rear go so ahead that he ended up backwards on the board. Error! Error! He shimmied down a few inches backwards then was able to get turned around. Rocky was coming after him and appeared to be having second thoughts about following but made it.

At night, the kittens come out in the yard area in front of the barn. We have  line of young birch trees and the low-lying branches make for a wonderful place to frolic. They run, jump up to chase buggies, do hit-and-run attacks on each other and have a grand time.  They are coming closer to the back yard, as well – led by Bear. I was watching them the other night from my office window with the lights out but the backlight from the other room illuminated me. Bear came over and was trying to figure out how to get up to me.  I checked a little later and found Bear playing in our back yard along the fence. Hmmm.  The next morning, Bob found Bear in my office on the steps into the kitchen! Oops!  He said, “Good morning, Bear”, and Bear split out of there through the doggie door faster than the speed of light, leaving only a streak of color marking where he had been! We don’t think he has ventured in again…

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