Teaching the Kittens to be Feral?

Yesterday afternoon I decided to look under the shed and try to determine if the cream colored kitten with the black face and ears was under there. I have not seen that one for almost a week.

I was able to see pretty well but full viewing is blocked by the support piers and bumpy ground, etc.  All I saw was Sweetie Pie and her two kittens.  Did not see any of Magic’s kittens.  OMG. Yeah, it is possible they were behind something or in a recessed area but it was quite upsetting.

Last evening when I fed, only Sweetie Pie, her two and two of Magic’s came out to eat.  I checked back a bit later to give any sleeping ones time to get out there but, still, only two of Magic’s were there: one of the creams and the black one. After we fed horses I walked out through Irish’s pasture and went through the fence to follow the beaten path through the weeds that the kitties have made along my neighbor’s fence line. Irish is my 15 year old Oldenburg mare.  I walked slowly and called, stopping frequently to listen for any mews and to see possible movement in the tall weeds.  Nothing.  I went as far as the surface road then searched the immediate area where the kitties cross, fearful that I’d find one hit by a car.  Thankfully, I found no bodies and took that as something good in this distressful situation.

I checked one more time on the “feeding area” before going in and found Sweetie Pie and her two kittens sitting on top of a box, all looking up to the roof of the barn.  I peered around to see what they were looking at and there was the black kitten up at the top of a very long fence board (a 16′ replacement board leaning up against the barn)!  When it saw me, he turned around and tried to get down as quickly as possible! He didn’t fall but did a lot of slipping and sliding! Really cute!  Bob told me that he had seen one of them trying to navigate this board the other day and would get a short distance then start to slid backwards…inch forward again then slide backwards! He didn’t remember if it were the black one or not.

Before bed last night, I went out the back door to give treats to my  kitties , as usual.  I saw Magic and Sweetie Pie coming out of the barn heading back to the shed area (we have a sensor light at the top of the barn that comes on when the sun goes to down).  This morning, all the kittens who were not here last night were here for breakfast!  I was surprised.  Actually, shocked, is more like it. And so thankful.

I was also a bit surprised that the cream and black one who had stayed behind yesterday came out to eat with me still sitting there and I actually got to stroke their backs!  Amazing!

I guess I now know what happened to the black-faced one.  He must have followed mom whatever days ago and got lost. That hurts my heart.

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