Placing Kittens By Adoption

We had 11 kittens from 2 litters to find homes for and are down to just 2.  I feel a little bit bad for my Mikey and Greta who loved playing with the large group but I am pleased that we have been successful. I had done up fliers to put in my local post office and  local stores (we’re in the country) that have bulletin boards but the best success was Craig’s List. Had to renew several times but always worth it.

5 of Pete’s Second litter

It is always hard to part with these cuties. You grow attached – can’t help it.  In our part of the country you can no longer be outside a feed store or in a parking lot with a box of kittens and give them to passers-by. I don’t know the reasoning of it but I hope it was for the benefit of the kittens – having a better chance at a real home than with someone having a whim at seeing the cuteness then losing interest later and possibly dumping them. I have to say that the people who have come and chosen their new best friends have been wonderful people – really wanting the kitten or kittens, knowing how to care for them, and have emailed back to report on the kittens’ well being. Very nice. And tells me they will be in good hands.

It’s a little interesting that almost everyone immediately eyeballed Mikey (Mr. Ears)! Nope! Not available. He is special, no doubt about it.

Greta & Mikey under their favorite Birch Tree

I find it a little interesting, too, that no one has been interested in one of the black come-here mom’s -now the last of her litter. He is very long haired, predominately black on the top, has tan around his face and he’s a sweetie pie. He is absolutely beautiful! I have named him Andrew. I have two new interested people as of today…and two kittens left! We’ll see. The other kitten available is one of Pete’s tabbys (shown in the basket).

On a side note, had our feral cat clinic yesterday at the SSPCA but only caught 3 of the remaining 6 to be done. You know, I knew their behavior, same every single day and planned their “capture” accordingly. But, Saturday, did they behave normally? No-o-o. It was like they knew. We did catch the black mom and her teenager and we also got the black & white tuxedo – all utilizing traps. The surprise? The two youngsters are female! I was sure

Andrew at about 5 weeks old

they were male. And, the black mom was not pregnant – I was sure she was. Did not catch Pete but she surely got me big time in my hand..had to go on antibiotics (!) Next time. The three “done” ones are in the barn in their carriers. Not happy. Black Mom’s eyes are wider than saucers. Her teenager is quite angry and may split once released. I should keep them in another day but the tuxedo is not eating and it appears none have gone serious potty – not good (can’t afford to put my hand in there to check or change the bedding!). Plus, the mom is still lactating and needs to get back to her one baby (Andrew). I have been keeping Andrew with Mikey and Greta so he isn’t alone but once she is free, he can snuggle with her. Of course, mom may leave, as well, once let out.

So, hopefully, only one more clinic and then we are (again, hopefully) done!

Trivia Buster: (1) A couple of posts ago I had a line of trivia at the end. I wrote that I had found that all gray and white cats were male – has been my total experience with this colony.   Well, the black mom’s teenager (we named Possum) is gray and white….and female! Could not believe it. (2) I also wrote that it I’d been informed that all orange tabbys were boys. Case on point, I have had 2 – both males. Well, in the Craig’s List for kittens, there was an ad for placement that stated “Rare Orange Tabby Female”. Whoa. Two “truths” busted in a week!

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