Placing Kittens By Adoption

We had 11 kittens from 2 litters to find homes for and are down to just 2. I feel a little bit bad for my Mikey and Greta who loved playing with the large group but I am pleased that we have been successful. I had done up fliers to put in my local post . . . → Read More: Placing Kittens By Adoption

Feral Cat Clinic – Catching The Cats

Our local SPCA has a feral cat clinic 2 Sundays a month and the cost is quite nominal – though with the numbers we were dealing with, it was still a lot of expense! My first clinic appointment was for 6 cats. Actually, my very first one was for 6 and I only caught 1. . . . → Read More: Feral Cat Clinic – Catching The Cats