Writer’s Digest Review

I am so excited about an email I got yesterday from Writer’s Digest Review.

This past April I entered one of my books, The Kittens and the Possum, in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Award contest.

No – I didn’t win but I got the most wonderful review. A 5 for Plot and Story Appeal. . . . → Read More: Writer’s Digest Review

Pet Bereavement – Bandit, Aloha –




On the heels of losing our Sara, we lost Bandit, a sweet, loving Siamese only 12 years old. He, too, was in renal distress. He, like Sara, deteriorated quickly. He was sick about a year ago. Went to the vet, got meds, got well…sort of. Never really came back to the . . . → Read More: Pet Bereavement – Bandit, Aloha –

Sara Laiea – Fond Farewell

Puppy Sara, August 2003

It was August of 2003. Our daughter and grandchildren were here for a visit. We had been out shopping all day – sans husband – and when we were nearly home I got a call from my husband, who was at home, to ask when we would be . . . → Read More: Sara Laiea – Fond Farewell

Greta, The Grey

My children’s stories are about the kitties and Keller Farms, primarily Mikey and Greta. There mom died when her litter of 9 were a week old! I was remiss in taking care of them and lost all but two, Mikey (a white with grey and gigantic ears!) and Greta, a pearl grey. I write them . . . → Read More: Greta, The Grey

Tack Room – The ComeHere Kitty


Years ago in early December I “met” a stray kitty. I had been seeing her around for some months but she was so beautiful – and seemingly healthy – I thought she belonged to a neighbor. She was part Siamese, the type with white bodies that almost have a light silvery look because . . . → Read More: Tack Room – The ComeHere Kitty

Flea Infestation – Your Pet, Your Home

Many years ago when my daughter was about 18 mos. old, we had two miniature poodles. All of us went out of town one weekend and returned Sunday night. I put my daughter down on the floor to walk around and to play as we put our bags in the bedroom. Within minutes, my daughter . . . → Read More: Flea Infestation – Your Pet, Your Home

Household Items Harmful to Your Pet

Many of us have had scrapes with toxic products and our pets. Those who have not are lucky. It is pretty scary. Mostly, I think, because the pet can’t talk so you have to figure it out…figure it out fast…and get them the correct help. My first and only experience so far (knock on wood) . . . → Read More: Household Items Harmful to Your Pet

Ferals In The Hay

Abut once every 8 weeks we get a delivery of hay for our horses at Keller Farms. The feral cats and kittens think this is the greatest thing in the world. Take a look.

Placing Kittens By Adoption

We had 11 kittens from 2 litters to find homes for and are down to just 2. I feel a little bit bad for my Mikey and Greta who loved playing with the large group but I am pleased that we have been successful. I had done up fliers to put in my local post . . . → Read More: Placing Kittens By Adoption

More On Feeding & Caring for Infant Kittens

Greta & Mikey under their favorite Birch Tree

In my last post, I shared my not-so-successful effort to bottle feed infant kittens, having lost 7 out of 9. I know that all were not my fault (I think I know, anyway) but I am sure that some were. Of course, the best mother for . . . → Read More: More On Feeding & Caring for Infant Kittens