The Duck, The Chicken & The Eggs

Every spring at Koko Crater Stables was a birthing event. Numerous ducks and peahens had babies. One of the mommy ducks was named Tasha.


She was a force to be reckoned with, let me tell you. You did not mess with her! But she was a good mommy and always laid more eggs . . . → Read More: The Duck, The Chicken & The Eggs

Animules of Yesteryear

Long before Keller Farms, we lived in Hawaii – Oahu, specifically. I boarded my horse at a stable in east Honolulu called Koko Crater Stables. It was situated, as the name suggests, inside Koko Crater. For many years before I got there the stables had a large population of peacocks, peahens, ducks and some mallards. . . . → Read More: Animules of Yesteryear